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I have been practicing Registered Massage Therapy since 2010 & helping people on their individual health journeys is a deep passion of mine, for I have been on my own healing journey for the majority of my young life.

I truly believe the knowledge I have learned in my 8.5 years in practice, and most notably, at the ARVIGO THERAPY SELF CARE course in 2016 helped me heal naturally from years of physical, mental & emotional inner turmoil.

Learning more about who I AM and healing my relationship to my physical body as a priority every day has transformed my life.

As a Health Care Professional & Clinician, I was blown away by how a daily soft tissue self care practice can transform your relationship to your Body, Mind & Emotions. Self Care activates a deep Self Compassion within us, that can heal families & communities.

The Arvigo Therapy Self Care course is taught internationally & is available to any person to take. You get to learn in depth human anatomy & physiology of both the Digestive & Reproductive Systems, while also being taught practical abdominal self massage techniques.

Very little information was ever shared in massage school, let alone at any point in my human education experience regarding the necessity of massage treatment of the abdomen for optimal organ, tissue & multi internal system health.

Or how / why massage even works.

As FLUID BEINGS by nature, humans need to be initiated into how important massage therapy is for the vital circulation of blood, hormones & oxygen in soft tissues plus how massage also aids in immune & nervous system function.

I recently completed the Professional Care Training of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy in Belize in January 2019 that now allows for me to share these gifts with my patients.


I highly recommend THE ARVIGO TECHNIQUES OF MAYA ABDOMINAL THERAPY to any human who is experiencing any disease / issues regarding ::

•reproductive / infertility health
•menstrual cycle discomfort
•digestive problems
•post-partum healing
•post operative healing
•menopause or menstrual cycle dysfunction
•prostate health concerns
•teenage coming of age self awareness
•grief / depression / anxiety +++


There are an incredible amount of common human health care problems that a focused abdominal massage & self care practice can address & help heal.

At this point in human history, we need to learn to connect to our physical bodies, our soft tissue congestion and our historical disconnection from such a focal part of our anatomical being. We need to RECLAIM OUR BELLY!

Stagnation & Congestion of the human body’s fluid & soft tissue systems is one of the most common reasons for so much disease that infects this planet.

We need to learn to touch ourselves to heal ourselves.

I personally believe that Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapy can change this world by helping all humans explore their body, mind & emotions in a safe, nurturing, truly healing experience.

I offer focused Abdominal Massage Sessions at my clinic Self Care is Sacred Integrated Health + I also provide Pregnancy Support, Therapeutic Breast Massage, Scar Tissue Care + much more!

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JOIN me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/selfcareissacred/https://www.facebook.com/suitestpee/https://www.facebook.com/TessaRidleyRMT/JOIN me on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/suitestpee/https://www.instagram.com/selfcareissacred/https://www.instagram.com/boundariesarebeautiful/




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