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Kristina ASMR Chiropractic Crack Compilation | Osteopathy

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In this video I will crunch all the vertebrae and joints of a very beautiful girl Christie. Thanks for the likes and subscription!!!

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Our center specializes in problems of the musculoskeletal system - the spine and joints. We apply the most innovative solutions in medicine! Our motto is “Minimum invasions and minimum pharmacology”. For this, our specialists use such methods as massage, manual therapy, traction therapy, plasma therapy and physiotherapy! Our center is equipped with the most modern medical and rehabilitation equipment from European companies. Our center employs real professionals trained in Ukraine, Russia and abroad. Our clinic treats intervertebral hernias using the Resorption method.

Areas of our professional activity:
- Massage
- Neurology
- Physiotherapy
- Psychotherapy
- Plasma therapy
- Manual therapy
- Aesthetic medicine
- Physical rehabilitation
- Orthopedics for children and adults
- Neurorehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and autism
- Traumatology (orthoscopic operations)

Our address:
Ukraine Kherson, Atlant Medical Center
website: http://mrcatlant.com
mail: mcatlant@gmail.com
+380666667000; +380979313773
Recording of nonresidents:
+380950886835, +380966843738
Recording conditions:

Our YouTube channels in English:
Atlant Medical Clinic
Chiropractor Kazakevich Vitaly

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