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Hopkinton MA Chiropractor HELPS hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, foot pain

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Betsy came in for her third visit and was gracious enough to let us film it. Watch behind the scenes of what a follow up treatment with Dr. Christian Carroll looks like for a patient that has multiple spine and extremity dysfunctions and pain patterns.

Think Chiropractors only help with low backs? Nope! Chiropractic helps with the full body if you've had the right training!

At the end of the video watch the simple 1 minute breathing technique I give patients to clear stress from their bodies. If you have stress you should learn it.

Crack Addicts:
I edited the beginning of the video to have all the satisfying ASMR adjustment 'cracks' that Youtube loves and for those that want to watch the full treatment it is all there right after the loud cracks

Struggling with a health issue?
If you watch this and your intuition is saying to get evaluated by Dr. Carroll call the office. To borrow a Dr. Jason quote, "Health is Wealth". Most people spend their health trying to make wealth and then use their wealth to buy back their health. Find a better way. Get a chiropractor on your health team and live your optimal life.

Triune Chiropractic
1 Ash St
Hopkinton MA 01748
508 810 0220

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